New Entry: Spells!

Yes, it’s finally time to get down to the fun stuff, the focus of the Sphere of Eternity, THE MAGIC!

I’m going to be putting up pages with various tidbits of information about spells that will be used at key points in the storyline, including their incantations, what element they are classed as and so forth.

Spells Available:

Nocte Aeterna

Lotsa new stuff!

Yup, time for some more stuff for you to look at!

More profiles for now, ¬†as well as a sneak peek at the Deities of the realms, “The Timeless Ones”, my next goal is to start on key locations of interest and importance within both the Ascended and Descended realms.

Shirahime Hasagami (Mother of Kagato)

-Timeless Ones
Almira the Binder
Tenebrae the Seductress
Sanctus the Radiant
Arcaniss the Wise

Temple of the Oracle

-Under Construction
Council Chambers

New Profiles!

I apologise for the delay in getting them up, but without further ado, two new profiles are available for your viewing pleasure!

Takra Shikikagura (High Elder of the Ascendant Council)
Talia Shikikagura (Wife of Takra, Mother of Talia)

With a local expo coming up at the end of the month, I should hopefully have some more concept art up for some of the key characters (As much as I hate to admit it, my art is terrible at best, so I will be outsourcing for concept art and eventually looking for an artist for cover art.)

Character Profiles

The first three character profiles of the cast are now available for viewing!

Kagato Hasagami
Hikaru Shikikagura
Kurow Kagami

More profiles will be added, as well as other profiles being more thoroughly ‘fleshed out’ with information about character pasts, signature spells, and more.

Feedback is appreciated.

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