Sphere of Eternity is on Indiegogo again!

Ok, so I’m giving this one more try, this time the campaign is FLEXIBLE FUNDING, so all funds will still be received (minus the IGG and paypal fees) and all pledgers will receive their perks (Currently slated for December 31st, unless anything goes catastrophically wrong, heaven forbid)

Want to help to make the campaign a success?  Head on over and make a pledge, perks start from a mere $3 which will secure you a copy of the e-book version and the perks get better still from there!

New Update: Solaria Technology

Time for some new stuff!

Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Archon type 0209
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Dreadnaught Type 1708
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Marauder Type 1907
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Lotus Type 1612
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Avenger Type 2112

(Currently only basic statistics of each unit are listed, more information will be added)

More updates

In addition to the recent changes I made to the character lineup, I have made some more major changes:

  • The Book Exerpts section has been removed temporarily as the exerpt “Kagato vs Tenebrae” that was in there is no longer relevant to the Sphere of Eternity canon.
  • A Concepts and Lore section has been added so that I can give additional background information on certain major aspects of the Sphere of Eternity universe as I feel like it
  • The first Lore page has been added and is under construction – Techmagick!

Also working titles for all 3 volumes have now been decided upon!

Tome 1 will remain as Oriundus Rising

Tome 2 will be known as Solaria’s Wrath  (Estimated release: Fall 2014)

Tome 3 will be known as Aeternitas Falls  (Estimated release: Fall/Winter 2015)

MAJOR update

Ok, so after a lot of um’s and ah’s over it, I took the plunge and have given the character roster a MAJOR shakeup.  Some characters have had their placing shifted, others have undergone a namechange and others simply don’t exist anymore.

Kagato is no longer the primary protagonist, is now secondary protagonist
Hikaru has been renamed to Nara, is now primary protagonist
Takra has been renamed Kaeron, is now Kagatos father
Shirahime has been renamed Yuna, is no longer deceased, is Kaerons husband and Kagatos mother
Kurow is no longer primary antagonist, undecided as to his fate.

Rearranging again!

You may have noticed that some of the stuff has been moved around again.  My apologies, but as my menu bar space is at a bit of a premium now, I need to shift things around so that everything is a bit more streamlined.

The profiles of the Timeless Ones can now be found in the Characters section
A new area has been added which is under construction – Races!
Placeholder pages have been added for the following races – Inevectus, Oriundus, Timeless, Elemental, Draconic

I hope everyone has a happy and above all, SAFE christmas!

We’re back!

Sorry about the disappearance of the site over the last month, things have been a little rough on my end and I didn’t have enough on hand to keep the site going.  Everything is fixed though for the time being so we’re back up and running!

New stuff and rearranging!

Ok ok, so it’s been a big gap since my last update.  I have been ultra-busy with university, though I have some good news – I submitted an exerpt from the book for my Creative Writing assignment and will hopefully get the results back from it next week, it will give me an idea of where my writing lies when under professional critique.

NEW LOCATION - Sphaeram aeternitas

NEW SECTION – Concept art and Designs

Shifted – Kagato – Concept art : Shifted to Concept art and Designs.

Minor update

Did a bit of cleaning up of the Kagato vs Tenebrae exerpt that is on the site, there was actually a couple of whole PARAGRAPHS missing for some bizarre reason.  I guess someone let my pet gremlins loose again.  In any case, it is back up again.

Also after receiving a bit of negative feedback, particularly regarding some of the unnecessarily complicated surnames, some of the characters are going to be receiving namechanges – Kagato Hasagami will be remaining as is though.

Also added one more partial profile: Athos – All I will say about him is that he is one of, if not THE major antagonist.
Also: Two new spells – Shadow Artes: Umbra Infernus (“Dark Inferno”/”Hell’s Shadow”)
Elemental Artes: Parma Dynastia (Shield of the Dynasts)

Changes to the site and an apology

The old layout I was using wasn’t really suitable anymore as it did not seem to work with the rapidly expanding amount of information I am storing here, so you will probably notice the design change a few times over the coming days as I work on a setup more to my liking.

Also I have withdrawn the exerpt I have until recently had on the site as I was unhappy with several aspects of the scene and am in the process of rewriting the entire scene.

To make up for this however, I have added a new spell to the Elemental Artes section – Ritual of Flight/Ritual of Wings (Air Artes)

New home, new additions!

Yup, as you may have noticed, we are now located in a fresh new domain, please update your bookmarks to point to (please excuse the neanderthal-ish landing page for the moment, I am getting a logo designed so I can update it ASAP.)

On a related note, MAJOR thanks to Pierre of ZeHosting for providing me with the domain name FREE OF CHARGE, if you are looking for a decently priced webhosting provider with prompt, friendly staff and very good uptime, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.  Click below to pay them a visit!

Back on topic, new stuff has been added to the menu bar, namely on the Elemental Armaments – Weapons of particular significance within the realms. Specific information on each weapon has NOT been added just yet though.

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