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Ok, time for something a little bit different. I apologise for the lack of updates as of late, but University has been keeping me on my toes a fair bit as of late.

In this post, which I will update every so often, I will put up questions I have been asked several times.

Who is your favorite Timeless One?
Each of them have a certain appeal to me, but my favorite would have to be Tenebrae the Seductress (and not for the reasons you might think – Get your mind out of the gutter!!) I like her because she has a certain mystique about her, she is kind of an enigma. No one knows what her ultimate goal is, only she knows the end that her means are leading towards. While she patrons the Oriundus, she can not really be designated as truly ‘on their side’, as she has been known to occasionally help those of the Inevectus and occasionally play with the odd mortal from Sol.

What gave you the inspiration for the realms that Sphere of Eternity is focussed around?
To be perfectly honest, when I was younger, I was an avid roleplayer. I find that roleplaying is a PERFECT playground to exercise your imagination and to come up with scenarios, people and abilities that you would not possibly even dream of under normal circumstances. A number of key characters as well as certain locations that will feature in the story are actually… ‘artifacts’ if you will, from those old roleplaying days. That being said, even to this day I still try to keep the creative juices ‘flowing’ by actively doing roleplaying-style activities and am an avid Dungeons and Dragons fan.

Which Elemental Armament would you deem the ‘strongest’ out of the six weapons?
THAT is a really tough question! Each one has its strengths and its weaknesses. I guess the best way to describe the ‘system’ would be:

Nature=>Earth=>Water=>Fire=>Wind (Spirit)

It works from right to left in that Fire is strong against wind, but weak against water (water extinguishing fire), which is weak against earth (Earth soaks up water and fissures in the earth can take in water from rainstorms and floods), which in turn is weak against nature (Tree roots can erode and break apart Earth). Spirit magic stands alone in that it is not strong against any of the other 5 elements, but it is also not WEAK against any of them, due to the fact that spiritual energy is inherent in all living beings. The only thing it is truly useless against would be inanimate objects such as a sword/shield.

Holy and Shadow don’t come into play in this question obviously because of the primary reason that THEY DON’T HAVE ARMAMENTS.

If you could have ANY living big-name actor to play The Timeless Ones, who would you choose?
This is an incredibly tough question – simply because I wouldn’t want to restrict myself to ‘A-list’ actors, if I was to make a movie of it (not bloody likely…), I’d probably have to go with the following…

If I had to choose a big-name actor for each of the timeless ones, I’d probably go with (and why?):
Almira the Binder (Patron of Water): Dame Maggie Smith – I see Almira as an old, wise being – No offense meant to Maggie Smiths age obviously – and I feel someone like her would fit the role almost perfectly
Batillus the Eternal (Patron of Fire): Robert Downey Jr – Batillus is obviously the embodiment of fire, so he is a brash, emotional deity that is not afraid to ‘flex his muscles’, so to speak – once again this is a bit of a no-brainer.
Sanctus the Radiant (Patron of Light): … I honestly don’t know WHO I would cast in this role!!
Rayterra the Bulwark (Patron of Earth): Samuel L Jackson – This deity is quiet and patient, the sort of person who carefully measures and plans out his moves before he acts – He is just about as wise as Almira, but more in tactics than general knowledge.
Arcaniss the Wise (Patron of Nature): Alan Rickman – Arcaniss and Phasma could pretty much be interchangable, either could potentially be played by Ian McKellen or Alan Rickman – though the younger age of Alan Rickman would fit better
Phasma the Architect (Patron of Spirits): Ian McKellen – Known as ‘the architect’, Phasma is obviously one of the most calculating of the lot and is the oldest and wisest of The Timeless Ones – once again no offence meant to Ian McKellen, but when I try to picture Phasma in a ‘real life’ style image, the likeness of Ian McKellen easily springs to mind.
Eurus the Serene (Patron of Air): Doug Jones – I envision someone who is pretty much at the peak of their maturity and is focussed around agility and swiftness – I liked what Doug did with the role of Abe Sapien in Hellboy and feel he would fit in well.
Tenebrae the Seductress (Patron of Shadow): Scarlet Johansson – Tenebrae is your classic femme fatale, all the curves in all the right places. A number of female starlets could fill the role of Tenebrae the Seductress, but if I was in a pinch, I’d go with Scarlet.
??? (Patron of Chaos): Ralph Fiennes – Once again this is a no-brainer. While the Patron of Chaos is not inherently evil, I’d want someone who has a “Don’t even LOOK at me the wrong way or I’ll chew your goddamn FACE off” look about him. No offense to Ralph Fiennes, but after his roles in Red Dragon and Harry Potter as Voldemort, he would be PERFECT.

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