Minor update

Did a bit of cleaning up of the Kagato vs Tenebrae exerpt that is on the site, there was actually a couple of whole PARAGRAPHS missing for some bizarre reason.  I guess someone let my pet gremlins loose again.  In any case, it is back up again.

Also after receiving a bit of negative feedback, particularly regarding some of the unnecessarily complicated surnames, some of the characters are going to be receiving namechanges – Kagato Hasagami will be remaining as is though.

Also added one more partial profile: Athos – All I will say about him is that he is one of, if not THE major antagonist.
Also: Two new spells – Shadow Artes: Umbra Infernus (“Dark Inferno”/”Hell’s Shadow”)
Elemental Artes: Parma Dynastia (Shield of the Dynasts)

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