Kagato vs Tenebrae

A lady stood in the middle of the clearing, enshrouded in mist. Her hair was blacker than midnight itself, but in contrast her eyes a piercing blue. She radiated an aura of power that Kagato could feel from where he was standing. He could tell that this was someone not to be underestimated by any measure. If he let his guard down, he would most certainly regret it.

“So… you are the one who has been giving my children so much trouble these past moons…” the woman said in a seductive, husky tone, her eyes openly roaming Kagatos body. She continued “You have grown into your powers nicely. So much potential still remains untapped however…”

It unnerved Kagato a little how she seemed to know so much about his recent skirmishes against the Descended that had been causing so much trouble for his friends and loved ones. He strengthened his stance and said “Who are you, that you know so much about me?”

“I will answer all your questions in due course, child… if you can prove yourself worthy…” A visible aura of darkness sprung up around the female, taking Kagato by surprise; he had not expected such power. Taking no chances, he cast a protective ritual, a magical circle forming at his feet which solidified into a shield.

The female raised her arms above her head as a large magic circle appeared in the sky over their heads. She chanted in a powerful voice “Noctis Irae, Regina Tenebrae! Facti Nebula et Caecus inimicorum! Nocte Aeterna!”

A dark mist poured forth from the magic circle, obscuring the area in absolute darkness. Kagato could not even see his hand in front of his face, though he heard the seductive, yet now taunting voice cut through the darkness. “I can see why the Ascended girl pines over you so. It is not only your powers that have developed nicely…”

On top of trying to discern the females location, Kagato was also trying to determine exactly who she was and more importantly, why she had taken such an interest in him? A surge of realisation came to him, along with a rush of disbelief… it couldn’t be her… could it?

As if she were confirming his suspicious, as if she could read his mind, the seductive voice came forth again. “Ah… it seems you have finally figured out who I am, my child… you certainly took your time.”

“It can’t be… It simply can’t be… ‘Noctis Irae’Tenebrae the Seductress…” Kagato said, more to himself than to her. Parts of the puzzle that had been filling his mind started to fall into place. He had found it hard to believe that he was in truth a half-blooded Descended, but her appearance before him confirmed that fact; she had never shown herself to anyone that was not of Descended blood in known history.

“Indeed I am she, child.” the voice now came from behind him, as if she was circling him in the shadows, waiting for him to strike. She continued “You have embraced your holy powers and wield them to your advantage, yet you continue to shun your dark side… with wisdom and control, you could wield both and hold power not known by any in all the realms!”

Kagato struck out, blasting a bolt of holy magic into the darkness behind him. She was long gone however, the blast briefly illuminating the area surrounding it before becoming engulfed in darkness again. He snapped in frustration “Why would I wish to do such a thing?”

To his shock, he felt a pair of arms loop gently around his waist from behind him, despite the fact that he had just sent a spell in that exact direction. He heard her whisper breathily in his ear “Why is it such a terrible thing for you to make use of your full power? I can teach you… I can draw out your full potential for you…”

“I don’t believe you. You must have an ulterior motive…” He pulled from the arms that were looped around his waist and turned to face where he deduced she must be standing. There was no reason she would make an offer like this for the sake of it. She had to have a reason behind it, some way that she would benefit from it.

He raised his hands above his head, a globe of light forming in them as he started to chant “Dominus splendore, voca me audire! Videlicet ut visione mea hostem ferire meum! Radiant Clariate!”

With the final words of the incantation, the globe flared brilliantly, filling the clearing with incandescent light, revealing Tenebrae the Seductress to him at last as a soft smile crossed her face.
“Well done, child. I will now grant you my counsel.”

Kagato thought briefly before asking “My first question must be ‘Why did the Timeless Ones permit the Descended to breach the barrier between realms and kidnap a pureblooded Ascended?’ ”

A smirk crossed the seductress’s face as she mused for a moment before saying “Why would we wish to interfere in the first place? As per the moniker that was bestowed upon us by your kind, we live outside the flow of time. We are not permitted to interfere in the matters of your realms, as was ordained by Father Creatrix.”

He looked stunned as he thought briefly, before saying “So the Timeless Ones will stand idly by while one attempts to gather the Elemental Armaments and undo all they sought to create?”

“We are no longer capable of handling the elemental armaments ourselves. The armaments have existed on the mortal plane far too long. Their power has seeped into the land itself, binding them to their homes.”

Kagato took a deep breath as he said “If one were to gather all of the armaments, would there be any hope of being able to stop them?”

The seductress shook her head as she said “The possibility of stopping one who successfully found all six armaments would be extremely slim. One who wields all the armaments would have power equal to that of the Timeless Ones.”

“You said that by wielding the powers of light and darkness that I would hold power unknown across all realms. My last question would have to be… would one wielding both the powers of light and darkness stand a chance against them?” Kagato knew he was treading on dangerous ground by asking such a question, but curiosity and a sense of purpose drove him to ask.

Without light, there can be no darkness and without darkness, there can be no light. That one law has always been absolute. By wielding both, one may weave spells of Chaos itself. Attempting such a feat however carries great danger… it could consume you…

The corporeal form of the seductress grew insubstantial as she said “My time with you draws to a close. Should you wish to embrace your fate, seek out the portal forgotten by time…”, her final words lingering as her corporeal form disappeared.

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