New Lore: Metals, minerals and more!

Firstly, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year!  I had a fairly quiet break, spending time with relatives, but you’re not here to read my inane chatter – that’s what my blog is for after all…

Anywho, more updates for the website are in place and under development, revealing more aspects about Sphaeram Aeternitas, this time information about materials and compounds that can be found on the worlds of Inevectus, Oriundus and Solaria.  Starting out with 4 materials and will add more in the coming days and weeks.  Please note that some of these materials may not make an appearance until later volumes, others are simply there to expand on lore and give an enriched ‘view’ on the worlds.

All pages will be viewable under Concepts and Lore – Minerals, metals and more



Under development:

Apologies for the lack of updates!

Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates over the past 4 or so months, things have been rather busy between work, university and other commitments. Work on Sphere of Eternity is still ongoing though!

Background information has been added to the Solaria Technology section, with snippets of info about each of the types of battlesuits included.  Schematics will be added in the new year, with luck.

In the meantime, I’d also recommend checking out – this site is developing a series of interactive novels similar to the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” books (but not under the CYOA name due to it being a registered trademark.)

Sphere of Eternity is on Indiegogo again!

Ok, so I’m giving this one more try, this time the campaign is FLEXIBLE FUNDING, so all funds will still be received (minus the IGG and paypal fees) and all pledgers will receive their perks (Currently slated for December 31st, unless anything goes catastrophically wrong, heaven forbid)

Want to help to make the campaign a success?  Head on over and make a pledge, perks start from a mere $3 which will secure you a copy of the e-book version and the perks get better still from there!

New Update: Solaria Technology

Time for some new stuff!

Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Archon type 0209
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Dreadnaught Type 1708
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Marauder Type 1907
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Lotus Type 1612
Concepts and Lore – Solaria Technology – Avenger Type 2112

(Currently only basic statistics of each unit are listed, more information will be added)

More updates

In addition to the recent changes I made to the character lineup, I have made some more major changes:

  • The Book Exerpts section has been removed temporarily as the exerpt “Kagato vs Tenebrae” that was in there is no longer relevant to the Sphere of Eternity canon.
  • A Concepts and Lore section has been added so that I can give additional background information on certain major aspects of the Sphere of Eternity universe as I feel like it
  • The first Lore page has been added and is under construction – Techmagick!

Also working titles for all 3 volumes have now been decided upon!

Tome 1 will remain as Oriundus Rising

Tome 2 will be known as Solaria’s Wrath  (Estimated release: Fall 2014)

Tome 3 will be known as Aeternitas Falls  (Estimated release: Fall/Winter 2015)

MAJOR update

Ok, so after a lot of um’s and ah’s over it, I took the plunge and have given the character roster a MAJOR shakeup.  Some characters have had their placing shifted, others have undergone a namechange and others simply don’t exist anymore.

Kagato is no longer the primary protagonist, is now secondary protagonist
Hikaru has been renamed to Nara, is now primary protagonist
Takra has been renamed Kaeron, is now Kagatos father
Shirahime has been renamed Yuna, is no longer deceased, is Kaerons husband and Kagatos mother
Kurow is no longer primary antagonist, undecided as to his fate.

Rearranging again!

You may have noticed that some of the stuff has been moved around again.  My apologies, but as my menu bar space is at a bit of a premium now, I need to shift things around so that everything is a bit more streamlined.

The profiles of the Timeless Ones can now be found in the Characters section
A new area has been added which is under construction – Races!
Placeholder pages have been added for the following races – Inevectus, Oriundus, Timeless, Elemental, Draconic

I hope everyone has a happy and above all, SAFE christmas!

Time for a small update

Ok, I’ve kept  you guys waiting long enough, granted this update is a small one, but it gives a little info about another place within the worlds of Sphaeram Aeternitas that will appear during the story.

Locations – Astral Plane

This page is still somewhat incomplete, I will be adding more information to it.

We’re back!

Sorry about the disappearance of the site over the last month, things have been a little rough on my end and I didn’t have enough on hand to keep the site going.  Everything is fixed though for the time being so we’re back up and running!

Design a character!

Got a character in your mind that you think will make a good addition to the Sphere of Eternity universe? Here’s your chance!

What I want is a sketch or drawing of how you envision the character, along with any pertaining details, including but not limited to the following:

Character Name:
Character Age:
Citizen of Inevectus/Oriundus/Sol
Magic Specialisation (must fit the elemental restrictions shown in The Timeless Ones page – it must be aligned to one of the patrons)
A description of the character of no more than 250 words
Lastly, in 150 words or less, why you think your character would fit in well in the Sphere of Eternity universe.

Naturally there will be prizes involved. The lucky winner will have their envisioned character immortalized on the character page, as well as the character making an appearance somewhere in one of the three novels, PLUS a Signed paperback copy of each of the three novels when they are released.

Entrys must be received by no later than Tuesday September 25th at 11.59pm EST. Please email all information to with the subject “Sphere of Eternity contest”

This contest is subject to terms and conditions, found here.

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