More updates

In addition to the recent changes I made to the character lineup, I have made some more major changes:

  • The Book Exerpts section has been removed temporarily as the exerpt “Kagato vs Tenebrae” that was in there is no longer relevant to the Sphere of Eternity canon.
  • A Concepts and Lore section has been added so that I can give additional background information on certain major aspects of the Sphere of Eternity universe as I feel like it
  • The first Lore page has been added and is under construction – Techmagick!

Also working titles for all 3 volumes have now been decided upon!

Tome 1 will remain as Oriundus Rising

Tome 2 will be known as Solaria’s Wrath¬† (Estimated release: Fall 2014)

Tome 3 will be known as Aeternitas Falls  (Estimated release: Fall/Winter 2015)

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