Elemental Armaments

Created in times long buried in the past, six weapons of immeasurable power were crafted in secret by those known as The Timeless Ones, created with the strongest, purest materials and each weapon imbued with the pure essence of an element.  Should one manage to gather all six weapons, they will effectively hold the power of creation in their hands and the future of all realms will be theirs to decide.

For this reason, the weapons were divided among the three realms by The Timeless Ones, two weapons per realm so that they may hopefully never be united, for one that is not of divine blood should never hold such supreme power, also it was decided that a realm would not be permitted to guard a weapon that they themselves have an affinity for, as the temptation to use it may prove far too great to resist.

To the Realm of Inevectus:
The Axe of Air:  Ventus Concinnitas
The Glaive of  Earth: Magna Terrae

To the Realm of Sol:
The Hammer of Nature: Furor Natura
The Blade of Spirits: Cantus Anima

To the Realm of Oriundus:
The Bow of Fire: Ira Ignibus
The Spear of Water:  Umbra Tenuitas

As well as using all six weapons simultaneously, smaller groups (2 or 3 at a time) of weapons could be used for creating specific landscapes. For example:
Magna Terrae + Ira Ignibus could be used simultaneously to create a volcano, or a desert.
Magna Terrae + Furor Natura could be used to create a forest
Ventus Concinittas + Umbra Tenuitas could be used to create clouds, rain or other weather anomalies.
The only limitation to what could be created using the correct combination of weapons would be ones own imagination.

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