Gender: Male
Age: 220, going on 18.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 205lb
Blood Type: O
Alignment: Pureblooded Holy Inevectus
Specialisation: Holy/Water

Known Relatives: Yuna (Wife), Kagato (Son)

Takra is the leader of the Inevectus High Council, the lawkeepers and overseers of the Inevectus Realm and all its inhabitants.

Takra is a very reliable, stalwart individual who has earned his position of High Elder several times over, his leadership skills proving invaluable during times of hardship. ┬áHe is not without his mischievous side though, his control over the element of Water allows him to play numerous practical jokes on loved ones and friends – always have your wits about you or you may find yourself unexpectedly drenched by a thundercloud that appeared over your head suddenly!

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