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Countless generations ago, a council of 9 Omnipotent beings combined the elements they represented to craft three separate realms, yet each was interlinked, like a triangle. None could exist without the support of the other two. If one was to ever be destroyed, the other two would soon follow – it was a very fragile trinity. To this end, the council made use of special Elemental Armaments that allowed them to shape the three realms as they envisioned. To Inevectus, the powers of the Fire, Water and Holy Artes were bestowed. To Oriundus, the powers of Air, Spirit and Shadow Artes. To Sol was given Earth and Nature, plus one arte that was lost through the passing of time. This was not without its cost however, as the weapons were bound to the trinity that they had created, so the council hid the 9 weapons, 3 on each world, however they placed the weapons on a world that did not have an affinity to that element, if one were to find the weapons, the desire to wield them would prove too tempting. Once this was done, the council agreed that they would continue to observe the world, but unless it was completely unavoidable, they would not interfere any further in the fate of the realms, it would be up to the people that resided on the planes what path their destiny would follow. These beings would become known across the realms as ‘The Timeless Ones’, largely due to the fact that they existed outside of the natural flow of time, each time one might actually catch a glimpse of one, regardless of how many centuries had passed, they did not show any signs of aging.

As the years passed, the people of each of the realms learned how to harness the powers of the artes that were bestowed upon their realm, but it was left to them how they used their newfound Artes. The realm of Sol developed into a relatively peaceful realm, largely unaware of the existence of the other two realms with the exception of a select few who have encountered citizens of one of the other two realms. The realm of Oriundus became a dominating, war-driven realm. They seek to conquer all the realms and reshape them in the likeness of their home. The realm of Inevectus is no stranger to battle, but they do it largely out of necessity rather than a pure desire to do it for the sake of it, as a manner of defense rather than offense.

Before you jump to any conclusions, please discard any thoughts of traditional definitions of “Good” and “Evil”. These do not exist here. Here there is simply differing points of view, power and the way one chooses to wield it. The people of Inevectus and Oriundus have their own goals, their own purpose. They can not help the way they were created any more than they can help breathing.

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