Kagato – Concept Art

These sketches have been commissioned by various artists over recent years as a foundation for the main protagonist of the series, other characters will be added as I build a portfolio.

The first picture was one of the first commissions I had done of Kagato, it was drawn by professional Mangaka Queenie Chan (Author of the series “The Dreaming”, published by Tokyopop)


This second one was done by Lar DeSouza, artist for Least I Could Do and Looking For Group, I was quite impressed with the work he did in such a short timeframe considering the limited information I had on hand to give him.

This final one… to be honest I can’t remember the name of the person who did it, I requested the commission at an expo I ent to a little over a year back.  I think they did a REALLY good job on it though considering they had only a single afternoon to work on it.

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