Composition: Metallic ore
Traits: Cobalt hue, extremely high melting point, near indestructible properties when at ‘natural’ climate temperatures, elemental conductivity.
Found: Inevectus, Oriundus

An extremely rare ore found deep within the mountain ranges of both Inevectus and Oriundus, this cobalt-tinged metal is near-indestructible and requires a heat nearing that of a dragons breath before it shows any sign of softening.  This metal also has the ability to conduct and enhance elemental energies to varying extents.  Some believe that the Elemental Armaments were made of this ore due to descriptions of metallic aspects of the Armaments matching the known visual traits of Aeternium.  Only the most skilled of artisans are permitted to work with this ore due to its rarity and difficulty to forge.

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