Temple of the Oracle

Location: Inevectus Realm
Dominion: The Timeless Ones

The Temple of the Oracle has stood for time beyond rememberance, it is a place of worship, meditation, and above all, clairvoyance.  The name itself however is a misnomer, as there is no one ‘Oracle’ as such among their people.  Instead limited powers of prophecy are passed through select bloodlines of families residing within the Inevectus Realm.

The Temple is protected by The Timeless Ones, as well as by ancient runes carved deep into the stonework of the walls, preventing the penetration of any hostile forms of magic, as well as adding a further layer of physical protection beyond the stone itself.  For this very reason the the temple grounds are also used as a gathering point for the young, elderly and infirm/injured for their protection, it would take an extraordinarily powerful attack to penetrate, let alone level the structure.

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