The Timeless Ones

The Timeless Ones are beings of Divine Power that have existed for countless millenia, these beings are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Sphere of Eternity, each Deity having a specific aspect of one or more realms that is under their jurisdiction.

While the Timeless Ones are not meant to meddle in the affairs of the lesser beings of the three plains, it is their responsibility to make sure that all 3 realms are equally balanced and in harmony, should one realm gain too big an upper hand a Deity may or may not choose to intervene to shift the scales back into balance.  This is usually done by an avatar of their choice living in one of the realms.

Deities of the Inevectus

Almira the Binder (Patron of Water)
Batillus the Eternal (Patron of Fire)
Sanctus the Radiant (Patron of Light)

Deities of Sol

Rayterra the Bulwark (Patron of Earth)
Arcaniss the Wise (Patron of Nature)

Deities of the Oriundus

Phasma the Architect (Patron of Spirits)
Eurus the Serene (Patron of Air)
Tenebrae the Seductress (Patron of Shadow)

No allegiance

??? (Patron of Chaos)

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